Farm Shop map

Farm Shop map

Buy directly from the producer and experience the genuine feeling.

Take a trip to the Ostrobothnian countryside this summer to explore the range of farmshops. There, you can buy locally grown and produced goodies directly from the producer. In Ostrobothnia, Southern Ostrobothnia, and Central Ostrobothnia, there are numerous farmshops to visit. The participants on the farm shop map can have a full-scale farm shop, but it can also be a small self-service point open 24/7. The range is wide, and so is the selection!

You can choose to go on a shorter day trip or take a long weekend to visit several different destinations in the region. During the journey, you can find experiences, locally produced food, fresh ingredients, genuine craftsmanship, picturesque accommodation, and an authentic countryside atmosphere. With a little luck, you might even have a chat with the owners of the farm shop and hear their stories.

"Österbotten på tallriken" (Ostrobothnia on the Plate), which maintains the Ostrobothnian farm shop map, continuously collects and updates information from the region's farmshops. We aim for "Kvarken Plate" to be useful for smaller businesses that struggle to gain visibility online by offering a simple yet stylish website/map where customers can easily find information about the farmshops' assortment and activities.

If you have a farm shop that isn´t yet listed on the map, you can create an account (via this link) for your business. There, you can describe your activities, post opening hours, upload pictures, and link to your own social media channels.

If you know of a farm shop that you believe should be included on our map, please don't hesitate to contact us. The same goes if you find any incorrect information about the farmshops. Please let us know, and we will look into it.

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